2014 Poetry Writing Contest Winners

The votes are in and our winners of the 2014 Poetry Writing Contest have been chosen by our esteemed jury. We may only hope that our contest has served to bolster the ear of budding young writers to a love of Shakespeare.

Our first place entry, which won 4 tickets to our Romeo and Juliet was submitted by Maddy Dietz:


Sitting with little hope and little food,
oh, maybe they shall find a family!
Until then they shall lie in cage so crude.
But they will hope and say, “Just wait, you’ll see.”

Eventually their friends must say goodbye.
They watch, not knowing and wondering why.
Maybe their friends shall see the light of day,
or maybe they were just taken to die.

People come with a leash and a small kid.
Dogs jump and bark, saying, “Oh please, pick me!”
“We’ll pick the one that sits.” Dogs wish they did.
They lose all hope, there is no end they see.

Lying for days on the hard, cold stone floor,
animals in the pound forever more.

Our first runner up was submitted by Caitlin Komm.

Advice From Hell

For in my life I knew not of the world,
And now I know it only in my death.
Of all the things I took and I had twirled,
I never thought death would take my breath.

For I never lived and never had loved.
When I got to the gates of Hell I knew
What I imagined hell to be made of,
Was everything, anything, but the truth.

It was not in darkness,never in black,
But in radiating hues of white pain,
Reminding me of the life that I lacked,
Sucking my heart out for Hell’s seeping gain.

I pray to the living they learn to live;
Rather be subject to hell as I did.

Our second runner up was submitted by Sarah Young.

Where am I?

Where am I? Enchanted Ariel’s seas,
Eating delish treats with the Fairy Queen,
With hungry Winnie chasing after bees,
Or dancing deep in distant forest green

Shh, are those the seven Dwarfs I hear,
Or Snow White singing bliss in peaceful song?
The magic mirror brings cold dangers near;
The witch and poison apple move along.

Vengeance, hatred, spite and plot,
Under joy and friendship are sinking,
Against such ardent love the cruel wins not
And my world concludes in happy ending

To Grimm and Anderson I lift the veils
I yearn for words and live in fairy tales

We would love to thank all of our highly talented contestants for making the job of judging the sonnets a difficult endeavor.

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