Clowning Around

Clowning Around by Eric Meo Clowning Around by Eric Meo Shakespeare experts will tell you that the Fool is the Bard’s most essential, beloved, and multifaceted archetype utilized throughout his… In

Diving In

Diving In by Anneliese Friend I have been standing outside of the Austin theatre pool, not ready to dip my toes in, for the better part of two years now…. the Curate

Finding the Curate

Finding the Curate by Andy Bond The Curate has a problem. He has to mount a production of As You Like It, but he doesn’t have enough people to do… On Sale!

Tickets On Sale!

The Baron’s Men are proud to announce that tickets for our March 2018 play, The Curate Shakespeare As You Like It, are now on sale! This unusual piece is subtitled…

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