Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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It is the new moon in the city of Athens, and the legendary warriors Theseus and Hippolyta are to be wedded in four days. Philostrate, the court steward, has been ordered to have a revel prepared for the wedding.

The Lovers by Mark Vittek

However, in the midst of the celebration, Egeus brings his daughter, Hermia, to Theseus for judgment. Egeus has chosen Demetrius, a young Athenian noble, as a husband for Hermia, but she has defied his wishes and fallen in love with the brash youth, Lysander. According to Athenian law, a father may decide who his daughter marries, and Egeus demands that Hermia marry Demetrius or be sentenced to death or to a nunnery for life.

This love triangle is complicated by the fact that Helena, another young noblewoman of Athens is desperately in love with Demetrius. Seeing  no other recourse, Hermia and Lysander decide to elope and run away into the woods. Helena learning of their plans informs Demetrius hoping to gain his good will.

Meanwhile in the town, a group of local craftsmen (The Rude Mechanicals) have decided to put on a play for Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding in hopes of gaining favor from the Duke. The craftsmen decide to meet in the woods to rehearse their play at the same time that the lovers are searching for each other there.

However the woods are a dangerous place, because Titania and Oberon the fairy King and Queen are deep in the midst of a lover’s quarrel because Oberon desires custody of a mortal Indian boy who is the son of one of Titania’s ladies in waiting. Titania defies him to his face and refuses him custody of the lad.

Titania and Oberon by Mark Vittek

Plotting his revenge, Oberon sends Puck to gather the flower necessary to make a love potion. This love potion will cause the one who has it squeezed into his/her eye while asleep to fall in love with the first being seen upon waking and Oberon intends to give it to Titania to humiliate her.

Oberon is disturbed in his plotting by Helena and Demetrius. After witnessing Helena’s pitifully unrequited love for Demetrius, Oberon orders Puck to apply some of the love potion to Demetrius eyes. Puck, unfortunately mistakes Lysander for Demetrius and complicates the lover’s lives further by causing Lysander to fall in love with Helena.

Oberon meanwhile gives the love potion to Titania who awakes in the middle of the play rehearsal of the Rude Mechanicals and immediately falls in love with Bottom the weaver who has been transformed by Puck’s mischief and given the head of a donkey.

Titania, Bottom and the Fairies by Mark Vittek

Then begins a complicated dance of everyone in love with the wrong person, lost in the woods on a moonless night. However in the end, everything is put right, all the lovers are restored to their true loves and the Rude Mechanicals put on their play before the Theseus’ court to laughter and applause.


The Rude Mechanicals Play by Mark Vittek


Cast List

THESEUS, Duke of Athens Brian Martin

HIPPOLYTA, Queen of the Amazons Pam Martin

EGEUS, father to Hermia Garrison Martt

PHILOSTRATE, Master of the Revels Scott Jones

LYSANDER, in love with Hermia Alejandro Rodriguez1, Nathan Osburn2

DEMETRIUS, in love with Hermia Nathan Vickers1, Jimmie Bragdon2

HERMIA, in love with Lysander Karen Alvorado1, Laura Ray2

HELENA, in love with Demetrius Kelsey Wilson1, Jenny Lavery2


FIRST HUNTER Robert Stevens

SECOND HUNTER Travis Johnson, Dawn Allee

PAGE Trevor Martin

QUINCE, a carpenter Aaron Niemuth

SNUG, a joiner Eva McQuade

BOTTOM, a weaver Alejandro McDonald-Villarreal

FLUTE, a bellows-mender Heath Thompson

SNOUT, a tinker Gene Storie

STARVELING, a tailor Samantha Smith, Cherie Weed

OBERON, King of the Fairies Kevin Gates


OBERON’S COURT  - Servants to Oberon

BOGLE, a wide eyed fairy Trevor Martin

CORVUS, a raven phooka Jimmie Bragdon

GRIMALKIN, a catlike fairy Robert Stevens

JADEUS, a shadow Nathan Osburn

POMMELOCH, a poison tree fairy Karen Alvorado

NIGHTSHADEa sly and deadly fairy Laura Ray

RAGWORT, a prickly fairy Nathan Vickers

REDCAP, a monstrous henchman Travis Johnson

REYNARD, a fox fairy Katy Thompson

TITANIA, Queen of the Fairies Suzanne Balling

INDIAN BOY, Alejandro Rodriguez

TITANIA’S COURT  – Servants to Titania

FAIRY, a flower fairy Jenny Lavery1, Kelsey Wilson2

COBWEB, an insubstantial fairy Laura Wick

MOTH, a luna moth fairy Christina Peppas

MUSTARDSEED, the smallest fairy Sara Billeaux

PEASEBLOSSOM, a flower fairy Kate Clark

ROSE, a flower fairy Jennifer Davis

IVY VINEFLY, a flower fairy Eva McQuade

MELODY, a musical fairy Liegh Hegedus

LORELEI, a naiad Laura Trezise

VINEA, a grapevine fairy Sarah Lee Schroeder

CORALINE, a naiad Samantha Smith

1 Friday Night, 2 Saturday Night.


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