The Alchemist

The Alchemist

by Ben Jonson

The Alchemist

Original Artwork by John Cboins

Spring 2012 at The Curtain Theater

Greed, Sex, Lust, Gambling, Prostitution and Flim-flam; the themes of Ben Jonson’s popular comedy ring out as commonly today as they did to the audiences of Shakespeare’s time. As April weather heats up, so does the stage at Richard Garriott’s Curtain Theater beautiful Lake Austin, as The Baron’s Men perform Jonson’s famous play, “The Alchemist” with all of its original bawdy and gritty action and dialogue.

Ben Jonson was one of the most popular and controversial playwrights of 17th century England. A man once charged with manslaughter as well as “Leude and mutynous behavior” and sedition. Jonson narrowly dodged the gallows and spent a brief amount of time in jail; two feats that qualified his writing of this proto-farce that covers the seedy doings of three ne’er-do-wells claiming secret knowledge of Alchemy- the ability to change any metal into purest gold. Considered one of Jonson’s best plays both by his contemporaries and by modern scholars, “The Alchemist” is the stage equivalent and inspiration for many of our treasured modern ‘con’ films such as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Sting, Paper Moon, Matchstick Men, The Grifters, and The Spanish Prisoner.


Cast & Crew


Dapper and SubtleSubtle Todd Kassens

Face Heath Thompson

Dol Common Bridget Farias

Kastril Eva McQuade

Dame Pliant Sarah Lee

Lovewit Harry Conner

Dapper Ben McLemore

Abel Drugger Joshua Moretto

Face and DruggerSir Epicure Mammon Michael O’Keefe

Pertinax Surly Katy Thompson

Tribulation Wholesome Jimmie Bragdon

Ananias Chris Casey


Liegh Hegedus

Randy Egan

Gene Storie

Lovewit, Ananias and TribulationMike Osborn

Julio Mella


Lindsay M. Palinsky – Dance & Movement Asst. Director

Christina Peppas

Hanna Haide

Celeste Sharpe

Bradley Wright

Mammon and DancersThe Nimble Marmosets

Cindy Schaufenbuel – Music Asst. Director

David Shankle

Sandy Straubhaar

Cherie Weed

Michael Mendoza – Featured Musician

Production Crew

Director Casey Weed

Pliant and NeighborsProducer Laura Trezise

Assistant Producer Brian Martin

Stage Manager Hallie Casey

Dramaturge Robert Stevens

Costume Designer Cherie Weed

Mistress of House Katrina Anderson

Master of Flim-Flammery Edward Boswell

Master of Shenanigans Chris Walden

Face, Dol, and SubtleLighting Designer Eric Johnson

Master of Pyrotechnics Jimmie Bragdon

Mistress of Properties Joanna Casey

Music Consultants John Pointer & Lester Chiu





Photos courtesy of Katy Thompson

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