Goodbye 2016

Goodbye 2016

As the most recent Board members to complete our terms, Laura and I want to take a few minutes to thank you for allowing us to serve you for 8 years and 4.5 years, respectively. We have enjoyed seeing this troupe change and grow, and we hope that you will continue to grace The Baron’s Men with your talent, love, and support!

2016, Exit Stage Right!

The Baron’s Men made it through a very hectic 2016 solely because of the love and devotion of ALL of our TBM family and friends. Thank you for your support!

This past year was packed full of activities, and we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone at times. We had many back-to-back productions through our spring and then moved right into a very costume-heavy fall show that we started working on in May. We set the bar high but we also reached it with flying wings and feathered headdresses!

Let’s look at all that we accomplished in 2016:

Richard III – A 3-week run at the beginning of April telling Shakespeare’s classic tale of this power hungry king. – Directed by Becky Musser and Joe Falocco

Blackfriars x Southwest Conference – TBM partnered with The American Shakespeare Center to host this 3-day academic conference on early modern theater during the run of Richard III in April. – Managed by Lindsay Palinsky

Lysts on the Lake 2016 – TBM and A’Plaisance’s 2nd year to host a 3-day jousting tournament at the end of April. – Managed by Carrie Casey, Laura Trezise, Dawn Allee, and Steve Hemphill.

The Lark – A 4 week run through May telling Jean Anouilh’s touching story of the life and death of Joan of Arc. – Directed by Tina Peppas and Jimmie Bragdon

Summer Youth Workshop 2016 – TBM’s 3rd year of teaching youths about Shakespeare and early modern theater with a public performance at the end of a fun-filled week. – Directed by Victoria Kelly

The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus – A 4-week run through October telling Marlowe’s tragic tale of Dr. Faustus’ deal with the devil. – Directed by Liegh Hegedus and Victoria Kelly

This was a hard year to work through for most of us but also a very successful one. We had a lot of fun, made some new friends, re-connected with some old friends, and even gained some city-wide recognition for our outstanding actors, costumers, and the theater itself. This labor of love was a little heavy on the labor but we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone, old and new, for their great efforts (and pain, muscle spasms, bone-weary smiles, etc…) to make 2016 so successful and unforgettable for all of us!

Thank you!

2017, Enter Stage Left!

This year we will take TBM back to the basics. Comedies, jousting, Shakespeare for middle- and high-schoolers, workshops for our troupe, and another original work performed for the first time to round out the year. We have many new faces with us and we would like to get know each other more. What better way to do that than giving ourselves the time together to focus on the new friendships we’ve made?

Let’s look at the schedule for 2017:

As You Like It – A 4-week run in April that will sing the song of Shakespeare’s story of Rosalind’s journey through the French countryside, becoming a man, and finding love. – Directed by Mike Osborn

Lysts on the Lake 2017 – The last weekend of April and the 3rd full jousting tournament with a very special showing during the run as well. – Presented by TBM and A’Plaisance

Summer Youth Workshop 2017 – This will be TBM’s 4th year to brave the scalding July temperatures and teach early modern theater to some really great local youths. – Directed by Victoria Kelly

The Dead of Winter – A 4-week run in October of an original comedic mystery about marriage, murder, and mayhem sure to appeal to a Baron’s Men audience – Written and directed by Laura Trezise and Aaron Niemuth

We also plan to connect more with our troupe this year through workshops and social events. We enjoy working together to create these productions and always try to nurture the great camaraderie our troupe members share with each other. We appreciate what every single one of you bring to the table to help us continue to be able to do this wonderful thing called theater!

Please look for more information about each of this year’s great events. We hope to see your smiling faces and spend some quality time with you in 2017!

Laura Trezise, past President and outgoing Sharer Representative
Lindsay Palinsky, outgoing President

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