The Spanish Tragedie Matters

Why The Spanish Tragedie Matters

By Michael Saenger, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English, Southwestern University   It may surprise people to know that the most popular play in Shakespeare’s London wasn’t by Shakespeare. It was… Release Photos for The Spanish Tragedie

First Release Photos for The Spanish Tragedie

We held a photo shoot yesterday for The Spanish Tragedie and we got some really great shots!  In leading up to our show, we have decided to release new photos…

Austin Pagan Pride Day

Austin Pagan Pride Day

The Baron’s Men will be joining the Austin Pagan Pride Day event!  Come by for a chance to win free tickets to our upcoming show The Spanish Tragedie! Wondering what… are Upon Us!

Auditions are Upon Us!

There is less than a week until we begin auditions for The Spanish Tragedie.  We are very excited to begin production on this extraordinary play by Thomas Kyd.  There are…

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