Romeo and Juliet

The Baron's Men Presents: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, one of William Shakespeare’s best-known and most beloved works, was penned and first performed at the end of the sixteenth century, and has remained enormously popular throughout the ages.  This tragic tale of star-crossed lovers, with its themes of love, family, passion and Fate vs Free Will have entertained, enthralled and inspired audiences for centuries.

Juliet, the only child of the patriarch of the Capulet family, is courted by a potential husband but instead falls in love with Romeo, son of Lord Montague, sworn enemy to Lord Capulet.  Despite the hate that surrounds them, the lovers’ passions soon prove overwhelming, though fate and family command they remain apart.  Ultimately, their joy turns to anguish as death takes one, then the other as these lovers will not be parted, even in death.

The Baron’s Men are proud to contribute to Shakespeare’s enduring legacy by bringing this tragic tale to Richard Garriott’s Curtain Theater, with the riveting performance and stunning period costumes that have become trademarks of Baron’s Men productions.  Audiences will be entranced as the story of the Montague/Capulet feud unfolds, and as Romeo and Juliet’s passion evolves, and the intensity of their struggle to be together incites a feverous storm impacting friends and family alike, with tragic consequences.



Cast List
Romeo – Casey Jones
Juliet – Lindsay M. Palinsky
Lord Capulet – Chris Casey
Lady Capulet – Leanna Holmquist
Nurse – Laura Trezise
Tybalt – Jimmie Bragdon
Gregory/2nd Musician – Maria Latiolais
Sampson/1st Servant/Watchman – Levi Gore
Petra/Page – Joanna Casey
Lord Montague/Apothecary – Edwin Wise
Lady Montague/Rosaline – Christina Peppas
Benvolio – Ameer Mobarak
Balthazar/1st Musician – Michael Pratt
Abraham/2nd Servant/Friar John/Watchman – Michael Osborn
Mercutio – Eva McQuade
Friar Laurence – Samantha Smith
Prince Escalus – Stephen Cook
Paris – Darren Scharf

Production Crew List
Director – Liegh Hegedus
Producers – Hanna Haide and Julius Horvath
Stage Manager – Katrina Anderson
Costume Designer – Dawn Allee
Front of House- Carrie Casey
Music Director – Stephanie Nelson
Props Master – Edwin Wise
Stage Combat Choreographer – Toby Minor
Fight Captain – Jimmie Bragdon
Dance Choreographers – Dawn Allee and Christina Peppas


Romeo & Juliet Show Poster