TBM Will Be at Lysts on The Lake!

With Twelfth Night rapidly approaching and the whole cast and crew busily working to make it the best show ever, we found enough time to help sponsor a fantastic event – Lysts on the Lake! Lysts offers the chance to witness the “breathtaking spectacle of competitive jousting.” These are PROFESSIONAL jousters, folks. As close to the real deal as it can get. Peaked your interest yet? On top of this, the lovely and talented Heather Dale will be performing on Friday and Saturday night. Still want more? The Baron’s Men will be performing bits from the show and providing our yummy homemade chocolate. Can’t beat that!

So hurry to get your tickets for Lysts on the Lake! To find out more about the event and to purchase tickets, go to www.texasjoust.com/tickets.php.

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