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Fortunes truly changed for The Baron’s Men when, in 2005, computer game legend and long-time friend Richard Garriott approached some of the founders. Having recently seen a play at The Globe in London, Mr. Garriott had decided to build a theater on his property on the sunny shores of Lake Austin and offered the use of it to The Baron’s Men. The Curtain is truly the troupe’s spiritual home, a place we truly love and respect, and we consider ourselves to be custodians of the theater. We work hard to ensure that the theatre is well taken care of, and we are forever grateful to Mr. Garriott for allowing us to call The Curtain home.

The Curtain is an Elizabethan outdoor theater approximately one third the size of the Globe Theater in London and is like no other venue in Austin.  It seats up to 350 guests in two gallery levels and one ground level.  The intimate “wooden O” design ensures that no seat in the house is farther than 25 feet from the stage.

To get the most out of your experience at the Curtain be sure and see these helpful tips.

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