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Our Patron- Richard Garriott

The Baron’s Men are fortunate to have as our patron Mr. Richard Garriott. Austin computer game developer and entrepreneur Richard Garriott- Patron of The Baron's MenRichard Garriott has long been known for his generosity, for his patronage of the arts and as a supporter of Austin institutions. Over the years Mr. Garriott has hosted numerous fund raisers at his home and at his Lake Austin property for Wild Basin, Zachery Scott Theater and other worthy Austin causes. Many of the core members of The Baron’s Men have known Mr. Garriott for years and participated in his legendary Britannia Manor haunted houses in the early 1990’s. It was through this close association and his generosity that Mr. Garriott built The Curtain Theater in 2004 for The Baron’s Men to use. In so doing, Mr. Garriott provided The Baron’s Men not only with a physical home and a place to perform our plays, but a spiritual home as well. There is not a member of The Baron’s Men who does not think of The Curtain with awe and who does not consider it home. The Baron’s Men will always be indebted to and forever grateful to Mr. Garriott for his unparalleled generosity.


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