2018 Season Announcement

2018 Season Announcement

The Baron’s Men is proud to announce our 2018 season events!

In March we will be participating in the Amplify Austin city-wide fundraising event. As the event gets closer, our fundraising committee will share more on how to participate.

Also in March we will be putting on a special event showing of The Curate Shakespeare As You Like It. A modern play about a rag-tag group of players, led by an old curate, trying to put on Shakespeare’s comedy amidst a shortage of performers, forgotten lines, swapped roles, and more. Come join us for this comedic peek behind the curtain.

In April we are partnering with a’Plaisance again to bring Lysts on the Lake back to Austin. Lysts on the Lake is the largest competitive jousting tournament in the world! See top ranked men and women jousters test their skills against their peers. Only the finest equestrians, trained in the medieval martial arts of jousting, melee and skill-at-arms are a part of this prestigious event. Parents and their children will love meeting the noblest of horses and honourable knights in a completely family-friendly environment.

In July we are once again hosting our Summer Youth Workshop where we educate children from ages 9-17 about Elizabethan stage practices. The students get a real feel for what would it be like to be in a tiny troupe that has to fend for itself. We make our own clothes, props, sets pieces, and choreography. We give them a taste of what it could have been like to be in that kind of atmosphere. They have to form a team that works together to get the end goal accomplished and makes sure that the show does go on.

In September and October we will be presenting Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown, a compilation of scenes from Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part I, Henry IV Part II, and Henry V. This is a coming of age story of young Henry, from gambling womanizer who doesn’t take his crown seriously, to one of the greatest Kings of England and the battle of Agincourt. Young Prince Hal isn’t just the perfect caricature we see in Henry V, but is foiled by his own boyish charm in the first two plays. We also explore his relationship with Sir John Falstaff, who is essentially an extension of Henry’s own wild side and eventually literally dies before Henry can achieve his ultimate victory at Agincourt and take his place as a stately king.

We hope you will join us in the coming year at one or more of these events!