The Baron’s Men would like to thank the following persons and corporations, without whose steadfast belief in our dream and monetary support of our projects, the show would not go on:


Patron Level Donors:

Richard & Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux

King and Queen Level Donors ($1000+ Donation):


Duke and Duchess Level Donors ($500+ Donation):


Count and Countess Level Donors ($300+ Donation):

Count Michael & Countess Renee Osborn*
Count John Goosey
Count Michael and Countess Gail Scofield*
Count Jerome B. Thompson
Count Daniel and Countess Sharon White

Baron and Baroness Level Donors ($150+ Donation):

Baroness Dawn Allee-Hemphill
Baroness Leanna Holmquist*
Baroness Lindsay Palinsky*
Baron Mikey Pratt & Lady Crystal Kuu
Baroness Mary LaViolette
Baron Brian Shicoff*

Lord and Lady Level Donors ($50+ Donation):

Lord Anonymous IV*
Lady Anonymous V*
Lady Anonymous VII
Lord Jim & Lady Kathy Bragdon*
Lord Jimmie Bragdon II*
Lady Tammy Fotinos*
Lord John Greytok*
Lady Gabrielle Harding*
Lord Michael Miegs
Lady Audra Sawicki
Solar Winds
Lord Chase Thompson-Bosserman & Lady Katy Thompson*

 Master/Mistress ($10+ Donation):

Master Alex Alford*
Master Anonymous*
Master Anonymous II
Mistress Anonymous III*
Master Allen Childress*
Mistress Kate Clark*
Mistress Victoria Kelly*
Mistress Saretta McCaslin*
Mistress Mary Menter*
Master John Paul & Mistress Catherine Moore
Mistress Christina Peppas*
Mistress Rebecca Peppas*
Master Mathew Putzi*
Mistress Cindy Schaufenbuel*
Master Michael Shannon*
Mistress Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler*
Master Andrew Smith*
Mistress Maddie Teller-Kook*
Master Wayne Walters*

*denotes donated to our 2017 Amplify Austin Campaign

Noble Realm Corporate Sponsors:

TBM Supporters: 

Mark & Melinda Bonifay
Keith James
Jan Hutchinson
Edwin Wise
Julius Horvath & Hanna Haide
Mary LaViolette
Robert Stevens
William Burd
Vince Neville
Dwain & Shelly Gaul
Brian Gehr
James Family
Charlene Smith
BPSA 7th Trailblazers
Kristi Kennedy
Beth & Maggie Bishop
Clyde Cathcart & Cyndi Sorkin
Lindsay Palinsky
Noel Stein
Rachel Schmidt & Sara Mueller

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