The Baron’s Men would like to thank the following persons and corporations, without whose steadfast belief in our dream and monetary support of our projects, the show would not go on:


Patron Level Donors:

Richard and Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux

King and Queen Level Donors ($1000+ Donation):

Queen Kristi Kennedy
Queen Katy Thompson


Duke and Duchess Level Donors ($500+ Donation):

Mesa Village Condominiums
Duke Chris and Duchess Carrie Casey

Count and Countess Level Donors ($300+ Donation):

Countesses Beth and Maggie Bishop
Count Michael and Countess Gayle Scofield

Baron and Baroness Level Donors ($150+ Donation):

Baroness Lindsay Palinsky
Baron Pat and Baroness Mary LaViolette
Baroness Rachel Schmidt and Baroness Sara Mueller
Baron Noel Stein

Lord and Lady Level Donors ($50+ Donation):

Lord Clyde Cathcart & Lady Cyndi Sorkin

 Amplify Austin Donors
Thank you for making our first Amplify a huge success!

Katrina Anderson ♦ Cristina Ayala ♦ Lindsay Berry ♦ Alexander Bosserman ♦ Jimmie Bragdon

John Campbell ♦ Alana Carpenter-Moore ♦ Carrie Casey ♦ Hallie Casey ♦ Gregory Cochran

Jarrett Crippen ♦ David Forrest ♦ Tammy Fotinos ♦ John Greytok ♦ Gabrielle Harding

Leanna Holmquist ♦ Casey Jones ♦ Tracy Karlinger-Smith ♦ Kurt Korfmacher ♦ Gregory Maher

Marilynn Olson ♦ Lindsay Palinsky ♦ Christina Peppas ♦ Susan Pratt ♦ Virginia Rogers

Michael Scofield ♦ Michael Shannon ♦ Charles Shelburne ♦ Brian Shicoff ♦ Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler

Samantha Smith ♦ Jesse Steinfort ♦ Charles Stevens ♦ Brett Stewart ♦ Katy Thompson ♦ Marilyn Vache

Stephen Warren ♦ Anonymous Patron 1 ♦ Anonymous Patron 2 ♦ Anonymous Patron 3 ♦ Anonymous Patron 4

Noble Realm Corporate Sponsors:

TBM Supporters: 

Mark & Melinda Bonifay
Keith James
Jan Hutchinson
Edwin Wise
Julius Horvath & Hanna Haide
Mary LaViolette
Robert Stevens
William Burd
Vince Neville
Dwain & Shelly Gaul
Brian Gehr
James Family
Charlene Smith
BPSA 7th Trailblazers

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