Henry V

Henry V

Shakespeare’s legendary history of a great king and the people in his path!

Directed by Garrison Martt

September 30th thru October 22nd, 2011

The character of Henry V is one the most heroic warriors
Shakespeare created and his speeches are famous.

However the strength of any leader is measured by those
who support him – or resist him. The flower of friendship
is a luxury Henry wishes to enjoy, however the sword of
kingship is a necessity. How can this king balance both
to victory and fruition? What sacrifices must be made?

There are many fascinating characters in this tale:
an eloquent chorus introduces parts of the play,
a refined and powerful enemy threatens to destroy
Henry’s army while a band of ruffians seek fortunes
of war. English and Welsh soldiers serve their king
while French noblemen serve theirs – each in their
own unique way.

Old friends, trusted kinsmen, young traitors,
cultured adversaries, loyal followers, townspeople,
courtiers and lovers – all are part of this great drama!



Video courtesy of Chris Eckert

Henry V Cast and Crew

We had many talented actors from all over Austin come out and thoroughly rock The Curtain’s stage during auditions. This show, in particular, pulled in actors interested in performing one of Shakespeare’s most beloved histories, as well as the challenge of portraying multiple characters. It was a difficult decision for Garrison (Director) and Pam (Assistant Director), but they made some awesome choices.

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Jimmie Bragdon – Captain Gower

Hallie Casey – Bates & Sir Thomas Grey

Harry Conner – King of France

Scot Eddy – Bardolph & Constable of France

Scott Jones – Chorus

Brian Martin – King Henry V

Trevor Martin – Boy

Eva McQuade – Princess Katharine

Aaron Niemuth – Duke of Exeter

Michael O’Keefe – Fluellen & Archbishop of Canterbury

Mike Osborn – Court & Lead Musician

Larry Oubre – Duke of Gloucester

Lindsay Palinsky – Alice & Hostess (aka Mistress Quickly)

Robert C. Stevens – Pistol

Gene Storie – MacMorris & Sir Thomas Erpingham

Katy Thompson – Nym

James Van Hooser – Jamy & Williams

Jared Walls – Montjoy

Casey Weed – Falstaff & Duke of Orleans

Bradley Wright – Lord Scroop & The Dauphin


The Production Staff

Garrison Martt – Director

Pamela Martin – Assistant Director & Costume Designer/Wardrobe Master

Liegh Hegedus – Producer

Laura Trezise – Front of House & Props Master

Katrina O’Keefe – Stage Manager

Dawn Allee-Hemphill – Co-Costume Designer/Wardrobe Master

Katrina Anderson – Assistant Props Master

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