Medieval Macabre II

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Directed by Pam Martin

Produced by Laura Trezise

Two road weary travelers seek shelter from an impending storm in a country estate. The owner is a man with insight into the supernatural. They soon find themselves engaged in a literary debate with the accommodating yet mysterious host. A wager is set and the travelers begin a harrowing journey through the library of this eccentric man; a journey that will take them further into the depths of evil, both human and otherwise, than they could have ever imagined.

The wager: Can literature be frightening?

The Baron’s Men are going to show you just how scary literature can be in this original work written by Board member Cherie Weed. We will show you the supernatural, the superstitions, and the super psychotic that riddle the pages of time. You will come face to face with a werewolf, a troll, ghosts, demons, and deranged humans with inner demons of their own.

This fast paced, visually exciting play will thrill you and make you rethink literary legends. The mischief, mayhem, and ghoulish goodies will set the tone in the Malady Marketplace preceding the show. An evening that is truly unique and very scary awaits you, if you dare.



Video courtesy of Chris Eckert



Cristina Ayala as Hag and Macbeth Witch

Jimmie Bragdon as Lucius, Nobleman, and Buckingham

Joanna Casey as Lavinia and Fiend

Chris Casey as Titus, Nobleman’s Assistant, and Demon

Felix Ferris as Bernardo, Titus Guard, English Guard, and Demon

Jennifer Fielding as Francisco, Nurse, and Demon

Liegh Hegedus as Tamora

James Holder as Tichburn, Publius, Servant, Prince Edward, and Demon

Leanna Holmquist as Hag, Fiend, Helen, and Demon

Keith James as Demon and Son

Scott Jones as John, our host

John Lopez as Chiron, Pug, and Henry VI

Trevor Martin as Demon and Young Prince

Brian Martin as Titus Guard, Beowulf, Husband, and Richard

Rebecca Musser as Lady Tichburn, Macbeth Witch, and Demon

Aaron Niemuth as Nicholas, guest and brother to Alice

Michael O’Keefe as Jeremy, our host’s faithful butler

Mike Osborn as Horatio, Titus Guard, Devil, and English Guard

Lindsay M. Palinsky as Alice, guest and sister to Nicholas

Christina Peppas as the Banshee and Desdemona

Rachel Redig as Norse Crone, Queen Anne, and Demon

Molly Sapp as Hag, Demetrius, and Demon

Samantha Smith as Macbeth Witch and Iniquity

Nguyen Stanton as the Sea Hag, The Werewolf, and the Wife

Andreas Stein as Marcellus, Saturninus, and Othello

Joseph Straubhaar as Ghost of Hamlet’s Father and Grendel

Sandy Straubhaar as The Norse Witch

Katy Thompson as Norse Crone and Fiend

Cherie Weed as Joan of Arc


The Magic Makers

Pam Martin – Director

Laura Trezise – Producer

Dawn Allee – Assistant Director and Costumer

Katrina O’Keefe – Assistant Director

Katrina Anderson – Stage Manager

Cherie Weed – Front of House and Music Director

Liegh Hegedus – Costume Designer and Lighting Designer

Casey Weed – Special Effects Prop Designer

Monette Mueller – Prop Mistress

Toby Minor – Stage Combat Choreographer

David Shankle - Composer of Music

Edwin Wise – Master of Gore

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