Meet the Baron’s Men Sharers

by Katy Thompson

The name “Sharer” is a term we have adopted within the troupe to identify exemplary players. Sharers tend to share in the responsibilities of the group with each sharer generally finding a niche. Some of us are photographers, some of us make things, some of us sew, some of us make music, some of us take time to meet with new actors and help them prepare for auditions or roles, and some of us plan really killer trips to see great theater (because the best way to be a better actor is to consume copious amounts of period theater), some of do other things that we didn’t want to take the time to list ad nauseum.

However, shared responsibility doesn’t cover everything that Sharers do, Sharers also share in ownership. When sharers talk about The Baron’s Men, they talk about it like they own it. “MyElizabethan Theater Troupe…” and the like are common phrases amongst Sharers. When someone says“The Baron’s Men”, there’s a whimsical look in the eye of a Sharer because they are not thinking of the mere words, but of something that lies within and behind the words, they are remembering the way being involved with the group makes them feel. We aren’t selling techno-theater or fantastical versions of Shakespeare, we aren’t OP, we aren’t bringing in aerialists, but we are still selling an experience.

Sharers love the experiences that they get leading up to the show but they also love to share that experience with others, which explains why Sharers have a passion for what we create. Sharers will learn to sew to make costumey bits, they will find/create props, they will research period cookery, they will learn outrageous accents, they will cut their hair into strange period styles,  and they will clean up after the show.

However, even this does not totally describe everything; Sharers have a vision for the group. These visions are in some cases unique, but each Sharer has a vision for where the group should go. This is a great strength for the group because it brings an influx of great new ideas and directions, and also shows that Sharers feel ownership and have a stake in the group and its success. Sharers tend to think in long-term goals, but are willing to make short-term goals happen,too.

The Baron’s Men is a Dream and Sharers are the Dreamers.

Dawn Allee ♦ Katrina Anderson ♦ Jimmie Bragdon ♦ Carrie Casey ♦ Chris Casey ♦ Hallie Casey ♦ Joanna Casey

Stephen Cook ♦ Harry Conner ♦ Robert Deike ♦ Stephanie Donowho ♦ John “Wolf” Engelke ♦ Jennifer Fielding

Levi Gore ♦ Hanna Haide ♦ Liegh Hegedus ♦ Leanna Holmquist ♦ Julius Horvath ♦ Casey Jones ♦ Scott Jones

Mark Kelly ♦ Victoria Kelly ♦ Heathcliff Lopez ♦ Pam Martin ♦ Julio Mella ♦ Monette Mueller ♦ Becky Musser

Aaron Niemuth ♦ Katrina O’Keefe ♦ Michael O’Keefe ♦ Mike Osborn ♦ Renee Osborn ♦ Lindsay M. Palinsky

Christina Peppas ♦ Cindy Schaufenbuel ♦ David Shankle ♦ Charles Smith ♦ Samantha Smith ♦ Nguyen Stanton ♦ Rachel Steed

Joe Straubhaar ♦ Sandy Straubhaar ♦ Katy Thompson ♦ Maggie Thompson ♦ Laura Trezise ♦ Cherie Weed ♦ Daniel White ♦ Sharon White

Ryan Wilson ♦ Edwin Wise


Our Founders are the small circle of people who started the group and moved us from small private performances to full length Elizabethan Theater productions.  The Founding Sharers are:

Brian Martin  ♦  Steve Hemphill  ♦  Pam Martin  ♦  Dawn Allee-Hemphill  ♦  Scot Eddy  ♦  Scott Jones


Alumni Sharers are sharers that for whatever reason- school, career, children, or physical distance- have had to curtail their activity with us for a time.  Regardless of their reasons for inactivity, they are still considered members of The Baron’s Men family.  Alumni Sharers are:

Cristina Ayala ♦ Robyn Bainter ♦ Brice Behringer ♦ Jamie Cooley ♦ Jess Downs ♦ Scot Eddy ♦ Kevin Gates

Steve Hemphill ♦ Travis Keltner ♦ Brian Martin ♦ Trevor Martin ♦ David Martinez ♦ Maureen Martinez ♦ Garrison Martt ♦ Athena Peters ♦ Alejandro Rodriguez

Doug Schreffler ♦ Martha “Mott” Schreffler ♦ Robert Stevens ♦ Sara Tallarovic ♦ Drew Trezise ♦ Nathan Vickers ♦ Casey Weed ♦ Celeste Young

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