Austin Pagan Pride Day


The Baron’s Men will be joining the Austin Pagan Pride Day event!  Come by for a chance to win free tickets to our upcoming show The Spanish Tragedie!

Wondering what Austin Pagan Pride is all about?  Here is some information off their event page:

We foster pride in pagan identity in Central Texas by hosting a religious acceptance event and inviting the pagans and non-pagans in the city to be our guests while learning about paganism and dispelling any myths and cultural misconceptions about who we are. We make ourselves accessible for questions and understanding. It will be our pleasure to meet you, come join us!

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Zilker Park Polo Tables
Sep 14th 2013 10am // 7pm
Family Friendly! All Are Welcome!
(schedule coming soon…)

What does this event have to offer, you say?!

- Raffles and Prizes
- Live Music
- Food
- Workshops
- Vendors
- Drum Circle
- Info Booths
- Kids Activities

- The Shamanic Journey by Sativa Esper
- Emergent Healing Circle by Ruatha
- Unlocking Your Intuition by Ruatha
- Traditions of Halloween by Ed Fitch
- Elemental Magic by Ed Fitch
- Holistic Mental Health by Cliff Hamrick
- Demystifying Lucumi by Corina Guzman, Olosha
- The Law of Liberty: A Basic Introduction to Thelema by Grant Potts & Joe Bernard
- Spiral Scouts Presentation by Rick Fairchild

- Gabhar
- The Nematoads
- Belly Dancing by Erin & Nan
- Bright Shadow
- Irish Step Dancer: Aracelie
- Community Dance & Drum Circle

Best Wurst, The
Good Times Ice Cream
Hecho en Mexico
Kat-Bird Soda Co.

Witchway New Age
Elven Keep
Touchstone Design of Austin
Oak Henge Grove
Dark Moon Forge
Natural Magick Shop
Dragonscale Chainmail
Mystic Serenity
River of Stars Tarot
Earthen Lights Candles
Old World Emporium
Heather Moyer Artist
Jewelry Forever
Hippy Healings
Chol’s Alley
Pagan Provisions
ThornDragon’s Treasures
Myth & Magic
Toni’s Insurance
Quality Promotions
Cake or Death!
Designs By Jenn
Family Handwerks
Council of Magickal Arts
Nature’s Treasures
Wisdom of Magic
Kalada Designs
Gina Talbot
Archeomodern Designs
Merchant Ship Collective
VampRaven’s Nest

HearthStone Protogrove, ADF
Pagan Student Alliance
Live Oak Local Council, Cog
Earth Spirit Alliance
The Baron’s Men
Regla Lucumi of Austin
Fort Hood Open Circle
Dark Side of the Moon Pagan social group
Red Oak Fellowship/ Voter Registrar
Council of Magickal Arts

Council of Magickal Arts
Nature’s Treasures
WideInWisdom Winery
Hearthstone Protogrove, ADF
Austin Area Pagan Heathen Collective
Natural Magick Shop
Quality Promotions
Hummin Herbal Honey
Catch A Falling Star
Havamal Therapy
Ceremonies Your Way
Oak Henge Grove
Earthen Lights Candles
Fort Hood Open Circle
Pagan Student Alliance
Tejas Web
Ancient Mysteries

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