Robyn Hoode Author’s Note

Robyn Hoode Author’s Note

When I started this endeavor three years ago, I never expected it to become a life event for me. However, it certainly has and in the most unexpected ways.

I wanted to direct my own show. I’d been in every other production position possible more than a few times and felt confident that I was ready to be in charge. Once I figured out I was going to do a play about Robin Hood, I realized there are not many plays about him that fall within our chartered time frame (1650 or before). So I chose to write one. It took me a long time to gather information and decide just how I would accomplish this rather large task. There was research to do. There were people to enlist. There was a story to write. In a great windfall of luck, my assistant director stepped into the pivotal role of co-author, cohort, and unexpectedly, close friend. How fortunate I was!

We quickly set about organizing my cacophony of thoughts. After I decided on the direction of the story, he provided the structure in which to build that story. I researched everything from monetary values and coin names to 15th most of my very little free time. I was determined to give the audience a glimpse into that era of history.

We had costumes, props, mannerisms, and customs to pour through. Then we had to find the places in the script to deliver those seemingly tiny bits of information within the storyline. It was tedious at times and a heck of a lot of work. However, I felt those details were the very pieces that would make the experience that much better for the audience. At that time, it seemed that maybe we were putting too much into the details, but when I saw the scenes come to life before my eyes and I realized we were responsible for the room’s laughter, excitement, remorse, or indignity, I had a wonderful moment of complete fulfillment. How could I have known about that?

Together, we were able to weave this story in and out of pieces of Child Ballads to craft a cohesive script that I hope will entertain everyone involved, audience and actors alike. It was a great experience for me.

I’ve never collaborated with someone else at that level of creativity for something this big. Admittedly, we had quite a good time finding our way through it all. I feel that will be apparent when you see the show. I suspect we may have stumbled onto something quite extraordinary and this is hopefully only the beginning.

-Laura Trezise