Meet Phil Canzano Phil Canzano

Phil Canzano is an actor, director and stage combatant with a B.A. in theater from the College of Charleston. He has studied violence design with Evan Parry (Buffalo Shakespeare) and Rick Gilbert and Victor Bayona ( R& D Choreography, Chicago) and is a former member of the Society of American Fight Directors.

Phil began his career of designing violence in 1996 and is proud to have choreographed for great companies such as South Carolina Shakespeare, Montana Shakespeare, National Pastime Theater and Clock Productions. He has a passion for the Elizabethan plays, mainly Shakespeare’s histories, most likely due to the huge battle scenes. He has also performed with Chicago Shakespeare, 500 Clown, The Shakespeare Project and many Chicago based companies.

Phil is a member of the Chicago Swordplay Guild, a modern school of traditional European martial arts. Under the instruction of Gregory Mele he has trained in the medieval “art of arms”, or Armizare, of the dei Liberi Tradition. Phil has also studied Abrazare (medieval unarmed combat), Historical Renaissance Rapier, Italian Stick & Knife, Tomahawk, Pole Arms, Spear and Quarterstaff.

Along with Gregory Mele and Jeffrey Basham, Phil is a co-founder and head instructor of the Lone Star Sword Play Guild in Austin.

Phil is available for lessons, to discuss them, contact him at