Much Ado About Nothing


Directed by Monette Mueller
Produced by Carrie E. Casey

Weekends October 2-24th, 2015

Much Ado About Nothing was the first full length production attempted by The Baron’s Men. That performance took place in the evening of October 19, 2002, just outside San Antonio, Texas in a clearing surrounded by tents and trees, on a torch lit stage that had been built that very day. The audience numbered well over 120 historical enthusiasts who as far as they (or we) knew were witnessing the one and only performance of The Baron’s Men. October 2015 will mark 13 years and 19 TBM productions. Much Ado About Nothing will be the first non-original play to be restaged by The Baron’s Men. With this production, we will be revisiting our origins,while giving a nod to both our history as well as good Master Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is a much beloved and popular comedy believed to be first performed sometime in late 1598 or early 1599. The timeless theme of Love and Deceit has been embraced by audiences throughout the ages.

Driven by the courtship of two couples, one is brought together by deceit, the other is split apart by it. Benedict & Beatrice are rivals in a ‘merry war’ of wits, engaging each other in banter and sly repartee. Their friends decide to push the couple together by convincing each that the other is in love with them. Young Claudio & Hero are engaged in a courtly love, formal, delicate and chaste. Deceived by others that Hero has been dishonorable, Claudio mistreats and breaks off with her. The unwinding of the plot against the younger couple brings
the play to its conclusion where all is revealed.

Dinner before the show or at intermission is available onsite from our friends at the Queen’s Table. Meal options range from $5 for the Ploughman’s Plate to $15 for a lasagna dinner.


The Baron’s Men Proudly Announce the Cast and Crew of our Fall 2015 Production: William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing


Don Pedro: Mike Osborn*
Dona Giovanna: Leanna Holmquist*
Claudio: Ryan Wilson*
Leonato: Charles Smith
Hero: Stephanie Donowho
Antonio/Verges: Michael O’Keefe*
Beatrice: Lindsay M. Palinsky*
Benedick: Aaron Niemuth*
Conrade/Friar Francis: Harry Conner*
Balthazar: Heathcliff Lopez
Sexton: Victoria Kelly*
Dogberry: Andrew Bond
Borachio: Levi Gore
Ursula: Leigh Hegedus*
Margaret: Reneé Keirstead*
Rosa: Erin Priddy
Lia: Jennifer Fielding*
Watchman George Seacole/Soldier: Logan Smith
Watchman Hugh Oatcake/Soldier: Edward Fotinos

Director: Monette Mueller*
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Victoria Kelly*
Producer: Carrie Casey*
Costume Designer: Dawn Allee*
Wardrobe Mistress: Rachel Schmidt
Props Master: Mark Kelly
Choreographer: Robyn Bainter
Lighting Director: Steve Hemphill
Front of House: Joe Falocco

Music Director: David Shankle*
Musicians: The Baron’s Men Consort
Cindy Schaufenbuel*: Harp, Music Arrangements
David Melanson: Recorders, Harp
Sandy Straubhaar*: Recorders
David Shankle*: Percussion, Music Arrangements
Heathcliff Lopez: Vocalist

*denotes Sharership status