Your first time?

Will you be visiting the Curtain for the first time?

The experience of hearing a play at the Curtain Theater is like no other and may require a little more preparation on your part than a normal night of theater.  Here are some things to keep in mind and tips on how to make the most of your visit:

  • The Curtain is an open air theater. Please check the weather prior to heading to the theater.

Cold Weather: If it is cold, we provide rental use of light fleece blankets for only $1, but encourage patrons to bring their own blankets. Note that because the theater is by the lake it is often about ten degrees cooler than the regular temperature, keep this in mind when deciding on clothing as in the fall and early spring more layers are often a good thing.

Hot Weather: If it is warm outside, you may choose to bring your own insect repellant. Also note we are BYOB and food, feel free to bring a picnic if you would like.

Wet Weather: We will perform following light rain and may delay for rain as seating and most of the stage is covered.

  • Wear the right shoes. There are no sidewalks at the Curtain and the ground is uneven lawn and gravel and the theater seating is two stories tall with wooden steps. We are happy to make seating arrangements for patrons with mobility issues.
  • You are part of the experience. Because The Baron’s Men is primarily an Elizabethan troupe acting in an Elizabethan theater, our actors will be very close to you, generally our actors are within about ten feet of the ground level audience. Because of this, our actors can actively see you and will often interact with audience members from the stage or even directly if you are in the groundling area. Play with us-boo or hiss our villains, cheer our heroes, and don’t be afraid to let the actors know how you feel, this adds authenticity and makes the play more exciting for all involved.
  • Shakespeare can sometimes be racy stuff. Shakespeare wrote for both the rich and the poor alike, catering to the tastes of both.  The Baron’s Men does not shy away from any part of the text so don’t be surprised if our telling is a little bawdier than what you’ve experienced in the past – especially if your primary exposure to Shakespeare was in high school English. If you have questions regarding a show, please just send us an email at and we’ll be happy to discuss the content of the play with you.
  • Refreshments and Merchandise are available. Most of our productions are between 2 and 2.5 hours with an intermission.  Bring a few dollars for snacks and drinks or bring your own refreshments and save your money for some great Baron’s Men merchandise.  Portable restroom facilities are located next to the theater.


Brian Martin looks on during Midsummer Night's Dream Photo Courtesy Katy Thompson-K8E Studios

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